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Take back what belongs to you - monetize your stream, get paid for ads, and receive additional donations from your chat with Slice.

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Sharing is caring. Ad revenue for everybody.

Whenever Slice users interact with your content, we automatically detect and split the full earnings, 50/50 between you and your viewer.

Don't take our word for it, take our cut.

At Slice, we take a fair approach to monetization and Creator Support. You get 100% of the cut that is rightfully yours.

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Let your viewers support you! They want to!

What goes around, comes around. Any Slice user can donate Slices to your Stream. You make their day, let them make yours!

How it works

Easy doesn't cover it. If you already have a Slice Account, you are just a click away!

Frequently asked questions

How do I earn as a Creator?

1. User monetization through the Slice browser extension. Ad revenue is split 50/50 between you and your viewers.
2. Slice Donations. Viewers can donate their Slices directly to you.

Why Creator Support?

We designed and engineered Creator Support to one day become a primary tool for giving back and showing appreciation to the streamers who entertain us on the daily.

Can I run your Ads next to others?

We support it as long as it does not degrade the user's experience! We work with everyone, no matter if you are partnered or not.

When can Youtube Creators sign up?

In the coming months, we are going to build a foundation with Twitch, which will allow us to port to Youtube very soon.

What's in it for Slice?

At our fundamentals, we are a platform that enables users to monetize their daily browsing. Our Creator Support platform is our way of giving back to the people who shape the Internet every day.

What's the best way to earn with Creator Support?

Whenever a Slice user sees ads on your stream, you will earn our cut from it. The more of your viewers sign up with Slice, the more you will earn.

How can I promote Slice to my viewers?

We want to help you earn more. We have a wide range of banners you can use to promote Slice to your users. For more resources, please messages us on Discord or grab some of our Discord memes.

Why does promoting Slice benefit me?

Making the internet more fair, starts with the users and ends with you, the content creator. With Slice, you won't have to rely on platform partner programs or one-time affiliate deals. You will have the possibility to create a long-term monetization stream that grows with your community. Slice is a whole new non-intrusive way your viewers can support you, simply by seeing your content.

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