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1,3 billion years of combined human existence was spent browsing the internet in 2021. The average user spends 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media daily, an increase of 30+ mins over a 5-year period.

80%+ of the total economic value created from that investment of time and attention, i.e. user data, was extracted by a few largely unregulated tech giants. Many of the smartest and highest-paid engineers at companies like Facebook and ByteDance are tasked with making users addicted to their screens.

As those engineers become increasingly successful at digital addiction, their employers are simultaneously exploiting user data and maximizing profits. For example, in 2020 Facebook profited $100 million+ from our user data. Every. Single. Day. [Source]

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Our mission

Slice’s mission is to fix internet browsing for everyone and empower our users with their fair slice of the $455 billion digital advertising pie.

Our Vision

The Internet is the greatest technological achievement in the history of humankind, now it's time to create the timeline where it's also fair, rewarding and profitable for everyone.

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Our values

Proudly serving you, not your data

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    Value creation

    Slice is the browsing standard of tomorrow, ready to start generating passive income for you today.

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    Slice will never monetize or store personal data for commercial exploitation outside of our core business. We’re a dedicated team on a mission to respect and protect data privacy.

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    We offer literally the easiest path to automatic income in the history of the internet. And money.

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Meet the team behind Slice

We’re a dedicated team on a mission to fix the internet.

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    Darina Oumanski


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    Paul Rumpf


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    Tom Rumpf


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    Lisa Martinovská

    UX/UI Designer

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    Kim Rom


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    Veronika Afrassca


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