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Take back what belongs to you - monetize your browser, get paid for ads, cash in with Slice.

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How it works

Slice offers the most effortless path to personal monetization in the history of the Internet. And money.

1. One-click install
2. Browse as always
3. Get paid
  1. 1. One-click install

    It doesn't get any easier. One click to start earning money. No annoying sign-ups, no hassle.

  2. 2. Browse as always

    Slice adds low-key ads into the websites you visit and you get paid for every view!

  3. 3. Get paid

    See your earnings grow in real-time with instant, easy withdrawals - whenever you want.

Let's talk numbers

  1. 3h

    Your daily avg. of unpaid browsing time

  2. $5

    Your avg. monthly payout

  3. 20.000+

    Happy users


Hot from the oven, your Slice is ready.
We make it easy to claim your fair share of the $455 billion digital advertising pie.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Slice?

Slice is a browser extension that enables users to easily monetize the time and attention they invest in internet browsing. Slice is the browsing standard of tomorrow, ready to start generating passive income for you today.

How does Slice work?

Earn passive income simply by browsing with the Slice extension enabled, remove it at any time, no strings attached. We place users at the top of the internet pyramid, to maximize the cash value of their time and attention. By browsing with Slice you'll automatically earn your fair slice of the internet economy.

How do I start earning cash?

Simply install our browser extension. As you browse the internet, we’ll display ads on the pages you visit.

How do I payout?

Payouts are currently available via the Bitcoin Lightning network and PayPal. We will gradually integrate more payout methods, including giftcards. The exact timing of this depends on many factors, like traction, userbase, and potential future technical hurdles. Whenever it happens, we expect to make a lot of noise about it. You'll know!

How much cash can I expect to make?

This depends on how active you are on the internet, a decent guess would be around $3-5 a month during our open beta. Our access to favorable ad rates will increase proportionally to userbase growth. For example, 12 months from now the same browsing activity may earn you $10-15 a month.

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