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Why advertise with us?

Like no other
You are in charge
  1. Everywhere

    Slice is not a static platform that depends on traffic. Our users browse the internet while Slice displays ads on pages they visit, automatically earning everyone a fair share of the internet economy.

  2. Like no other

    At Slice, we developed a patented solution for prefetching web content in the background, while user continues to surf the web without speed or quality loss. We place ads on 5 out of the top 10 most visited websites for our target group.

  3. You are in charge

    With an account on our ad-server, you decide about the monetization, duration, limits and other settings. Your campaign - your rules.

Slice worlds first

Worlds first

Slice is the world's first advertising solution built for modern internet browsing, a new approach to value creation designed with both personal monetization and data privacy in mind.

Adblock friendly

80% of our Slice users have an adblocker because ads are disruptive, annoying, and often misplaced. Our tech and concept change the game, as your brand now becomes a part of a welcomed sharing and giving back economy.

Slice adblock friendly
Slice 3d unique incentive

Unique incentive

Get your brand associated with individual earnings. Our users love Slice ads. It makes them money.

Ad units

  1. Native ad


  2. Banner ad


  3. Push ad



  1. NA, EU

    50% of our users

  2. 10 Mio+

    Monthly impressions

  3. 20 Mio+

    Monthly page views

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